About Bébé Bicyclette

Bébé Bicyclette is an independent design studio run by Stephanie Drake. Hi, that’s me!

The ultimate aim is: To create colourful, heartfelt décor inspired by the bicycle.

With a great love for the outdoors and a house full of bicycles, I want to infuse all of the products I make with a sense of the joy that a life on two wheels can bring, and inspire little imaginations for big adventures.



I was raised by a fashion designer and a cycling enthusiast, so it is no real surprise that bike-inspired designs are my thing. I studied fine art in Scotland, then worked for the best part of a decade as an illustrator, textile designer, and later a children’s book designer. I want to roll all of these experiences together into something I’m truly proud of. The catalyst for this has been my most arduous creation to date; my children. Eddy and Felix are the two little people who have one way or another shown me where my priorities lie, so without needing to make apologies for it, my work will coexist alongside raising my family. Ultimately, that will create happier, more wholesome products – I’m referring to both the range and the kids here.  

I plan to release a new range of freshly illustrated items each quarter, so keep your peepers peeled. If, in the meantime, you have an idea for something you'd love to see made, or an entirely custom product - let me know!



I really hope you love the products as much as I do. 

You can follow what happens behind the scenes with the Bébé Bicyclette creative process through my social media channels which are linked below. Alternatively, send me a message through the contact form and we’ll say hello.